May according to my iphone

 Started the month off with a fun trip to see WICKED with Greg and Sharon. We then went to Chuys to celebrate Cinco De Mayo with them.  
 It seemed like this last month of school was kind of brutal on the Argyles.  This is one day that Kiki stayed home from school with a sore throat.  We went to Smashburger to get her a shake.  Can you tell she doesn't feel good?

 Shoes! Shoes! and More Shoes!  Lots of our friends helped chip in and watch Tanner's shoe donation boxes at each of the campuses where he was collecting shoes for Project Sole for his Eagle Project.  I got this text from one of my friends who grabbed the "overflow" one day at one of the elementary schools.  Can you believe it filled up the back of her SUV?  And that was the OVERFLOW.  Overall, They think they received over 500 pairs of shoes, doubling Tanner's goal.
 Trek consumed alot of May as we prepared for our first meeting with the AP/YW committee, decided on a theme and prepped all the clipboards to pass around each ward so people can sign up to help.  This calling is going to teach me alot.  I can already tell.
 Lindsey and I have been blasting our bodies at barbell body blast and Zumba.  I took this picture one morning before BBBB because I think it wears me out just to set up all the equipment before class even starts.  

 Brent and Tanner went on the annual Father and Son campout. and while they enjoyed camping in the rain, we had our semi annual girl's night with the Lloyds.  We went to dinner and shopping.  It was nice to have some girl time with our good friends that we love spending time with.

 I tell you what, these last few weeks of school are really tough for the upper classmen.  I had to crack up at this text I got from Jensen one school day.

 Of course, we can't get enough pool time. 

 Cheri snapped this cute pic of the girls at the end of the school year party.
In addition to all this, Brent was called to the High Council again.  He is over the Stake Young Men so it will be a busy assignment.  We were able to help chaperone our first stake dance in a really long time. As a family, we are adjusting to not having him around on Sunday mornings again.  He will be doing double duty helping me with Trek too. 

 Jensen got a job at Old Navy 
and she loves it.  She really seems to be enjoying the people she works with.  

Tanner got a summer job at the movie theater.  It is really his dream job since he loves movies so much.  He gets two free movie passes every time he works a shift.  Both employers have been very accomodating with them not wanting to work Sundays, which is nice.
We had a fun graduation party for Jensen at my Mom's house.  I can't believe we have a graduate!  Time flies...


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