fighting battles

Just had a sudden reminder on Monday that there are lots of people out there that have their "church face" on that are hiding the fact that they might be struggling with some really really hard trials.  From outward appearances things might seem like they are smooth sailing but deep down inside they are really suffering.
I had lunch with two friends from a neighboring ward yesterday.  They were telling me about a cool experience that had happened several months ago in  their Relief Society.  A new sister in their ward was asked to provide a spiritual thought to start off the RS meeting one Sunday.  She passed out pieces of paper and pencils and asked each sister to write down the hardest thing she was dealing with and to do it anonymously.  Then she read them out loud.  Completely without judgement or emotion.  Things like "My husband is addicted to pornography", "I have a substance abuse problem", " We might lose our house if things don't turn around soon."  This list went on and on with things that these women who sat side by side were struggling with.  But they had on their church faces so noone knew. 

 I am trying to be mindful of that.  

Everyone is fighting a hard battle.  

We need to be gentle with each other.


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