Baptism Day

Brady took the plunge on Saturday and was baptized.

 This is the great group of men that participated in his confirmation.  (Left to Right)  Matt Lloyd, Mike Hennefer, John Sallaway, Brent, Wells B. Anderson, Jake Wortham, and Herc Rainey.
Tanner baptized him and Brent performed the confirmation.

I gave the talk on Baptism and Brother Rainey (Brady's adopted grandpa) gave the talk on the Holy Ghost.  Reagan and McKinley offered prayers and Jensen led the music.  It was truly a family affair.

I am sad I didn't get more pictures but we were so caught up seeing old friends that I just plum lost track of time and before I knew it, it was time to start.  It meant so much to us that Lindsey and her family, Tyler and Amy, Mimi, Greg , Sharon, Poppy, and the Hennefers all came.

Afterward we went back to our place for Brady's favorite thing: homemade chicken pot pie and swimming.  

It was a wonderful day for all.


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