mean mom idea for encouraging timely gratitude

Here's a tip from me, for what it's worth.
Some might accuse me of being a 
mean mom 
for doing it this way.  
(Please suspend judgement until the end.)

Fact #1: Brady got a TON of birthday presents at his party.  So many that it was a little overwhelming. 
In fact, here is the haul.  See for yourself.  
( I really am in awe of how generous people are each and every time my kids have a party, btw.)

Fact #2:  Gratitude, feeling it and expressing it, are kind of a big thing in my house.  

Fact #3:  The thought of getting all those thank you notes written by an 8 year old boy  in a timely manner makes my head spin.  Of course he was so excited about all of it and couldn't wait to open them all and play with them. 

Fact #4: It hasn't been 24 hours yet since he opened all the above presents and all but three of the thank you notes are written without any nagging or prodding from me.  He is more than happy to write each and every one.

2013 thank you note miracle, you say?


How does this miracle occur, you ask?

I ...ummmm...well...
hold the presents hostage 
until he writes the corresponding thank you note.

I know, I sound like a horrible person.  BUT...

He chooses when he writes the note, which one he writes, and in what order.  It is all based on what present he wants to open up and play with first.  He has been hard at work ever since we came home from church.  

I love this strategy because it ddddrrrrraaaaawwwwwssss out the gift opening afterglow and helps facilitate a heart of gratitude for the generosity of others.

So if you are one of the ones who came to the party and gets a thank you note this week, I hope you realize that yours was a favorite.


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