bright idea: 5 minute room rescue

I wish it was my brain child.  
But it's not.  
I stole it from flylady and then revised it to fit my family. 
She calls it a 20 minute room rescue.  
Usually, we only need 5 to rescue rooms pretty well.

Saturday mornings we work hard doing our chore auction and cleaning every nook and cranny in the house.  But I have noticed now that we have 9am church and are able to lounge around the house the better part of the day on Sunday - come Sunday evening its a clean but un-tidy mess again.

So that's when I pull out this.

 And we draw 12 little slips of paper from it.
 And you get to run and spend five minutes tidying up whatever room you draw.  It's like a game and usually everyone is happy to chip in and bring order back to the house.  Everyone usually does two slips of paper and we have one parent go around and check things. 
 It works like a charm.  
Your welcome.


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