June according to my iphone

Mall time with friends...
 lots and lots of pool time...
 bonding with siblings
 celebrating this boy's 8th birthday
 This gal registered for college classes at BYUI and got a new laptop courtesy of her Gramps.  She loves it.
 Swim team...
 Twilight camp...
 Smashburger (cuz sometimes during the summer I just can't bring myself to cook)...

We have been making these fun survivor bracelets out of parachute cord.  I think we are a little bit addicted.

 Ok, I know it's weird  thing to blog about but I was so proud of myself that I am staying on top of my "ZONES" each week and am spending about a half hour each day deep cleaning.  Last summer, I didn't and  I really regretted it.  Last week of June I cleaned out the pantry, fridge and garage freezer.  Admittedly, I found meat in our garage freezer that was from 10 years ago.  Oh my gosh it was long overdue.

Brent has been very busy at work and is hoping that all that hard work will pay off very soon.  it is sometimes frustrating to be in sales and have such long sales cycles.  He has been really busy with his new assignment on the High Council too.  They rattled off the sustainings of about 20 stake callings last week and I think he extended more than half of them.  We  are knee deep in trek stuff trying to get everyone called to all the key positions and finalize who will be our MA's and Pa's at trek.

Jensen is working hard at Old Navy and continues to love it!  She has been recognized several times by management for doing such a great job and she seems to really enjoy the people she works with.  Her bank account continues to grow and grow and she should be in great shape when she leaves for school in a few short months.

Tanner is working just as many hours each week at Cinemark.  He really likes it as well and has made some new friends from Frisco.  He loves the perk of being able to go to movies for free and have free kettlecorn, drinks, and slurpees.  It really is the perfect job for a dating, movie loving 17 year old boy.

Overall it has been a great, relaxing, super chill month.  
I love the summers that we choose to not go anywhere.  
 Here is to a happy July!


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