August according to my iphone and ipad

 Apparently the kids are starting to get bored and are ready to get back to school as evidenced by this pic I found on my ipad of Kiki.
 We were unable to attend the Swim team banquet as it was on a Sunday but this arrived in our mailbox and let me tell you there was a certain 8 year old that was pleased as punch that he earned the backstroke record for his age group since the inception of Prosper Summer swim.

 These cute little beehives went to the temple, many of them for the first time.  That cute one on the end in the striped dress (I really like her!)  went and did temple work for my grandmother.  Tanner was able to go do work for my grandfather.  It was a special day.

 Sheri and I took nine kids back to school shopping one day.  It adventure.
 Brady got a back to school haircut and they threw in a free "hot towel" treatment for kicks.  He loved every minute of it.

 Took my Dad out to dinner for his 65th birthday.
 Celebrated the arrival of a sweet little baby girl with Lynsi Falk Hohmann who served as the Laurel President when I was YW president a few years back.  Okay it was maybe a decade ago.  But it was fun to catch up with her as well as many other old friends.
 We celebrated a birthday with one of Brady's favorite people, Brother Rainey.
 Did some locker decorating
 Went to a fellow-shipping activity to welcome the TWENTY FIVE new families that have moved into our ward this summer.  Brady hung out with these cute Lloyd boys.

Whew!  August was jam packed and as it looks, September is even busier.  But we try to keep the important things as priorities and press on.  


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