September according to my iphone

 Holy Cow it was a busy month.  A little busier than I like, to be perfectly honest.  I have to remind myself that every Fall is like this for a few months and then it slows down a bit.

 We had a nice Labor Day lunch at Firehouse subs.  Brady likes the fire hats.  Not really sure why he decided to wear a mustache that day but I think it was a good look.
 He FINALLY got to start cub scouts.  Here he is on his first big activity.
 September means football season and spirit days.  Everyone wears their spirit wear on Fridays around these here parts.
 Snapped this cute pic one Friday when Dr. Wakins, our Superintendent,  was helping out in the car line.  He is a beloved figure in our town.
 My little Prosper Pirate.
 Got this note from a sweet sister in my ward for a class I taught in Relief Society.  It came on a day when I kind of needed it.  She is a sweet, thoughtful person.
 Kiki is enjoying cheer and we enjoy watching her at the football games.  Her first game, several of her close church friends came to watch and support her.  She is a lucky gal to have the friends she does.
 Of course, Jensen is an official student at BYU Idaho.  She also became an official Relief Society President in her student ward five days after she got there.
 Tanner took Reagan to the annual daddy daughter dance at church.  Brent was taking Jensen to college but we didn't want her to miss out on the fun.
 Reagan loves Megan and Alexa, her buddies on the cheer squad.  They have fun together.
 And Brady kinda "loves" one of these cute cheerleaders for his football team.  
My lips are sealed.
 Tanner came up with this cute way to ask Britt Whitney out to Homecoming.  He had a little help from Maddie and Maddy.  They wrote out (in cute lettering): "I'm dying to go to HoCo with you!" and then they outlined his body like a crime scene.  Kiki came up with the idea and they did a great job of surprising Britt with it.  I think she really liked it.

 Fun with friends watching the 8th grade football game.
 And our sweet little neighbor, Marrin, came and stayed with us for a few days while her parents enjoyed a romantic getaway. Loved having her here.
 Tanner received the last of his merit badges before his Court Of Honor.  Yippee!
 Brady worked all month on this space derby rocket with Brent.  They won best design.
 Kiki asked me to act as her hairstylist for "crazy hair day".  It turned out pretty fantastic, if I must say so myself.

 Spent lotsa Saturdays with these girls.  I am co-coaching again this year.  My last as Reagan "ages out" this year since she is going to 7th grade next year.
 Some sweet little birthday elves came and decorated my lawn on the eve of my birthday.  Thank you to Sheri, Cheri, Jenny P. and Amber.  I guess McKinley isn't the only one that is blessed to have great friends.
 I spent my birthday with Lindsey, G, Hanky, and Brady at the Big Orange Pumpkin Patch.  We could not have asked for better weather.  It was kind of perfect.
And topped off my birthday with tickets to see Imagine Dragons with Tanner and Sheri.  It was SO MUCH FUN.  

We also had our TREK fireside and I am so happy with the way it turned out and the number of people that showed up.  We are off to a good start.  I am so humbled at the talented people that have joined our TREK TEAM and how excited everyone is to be a part of this event.  It makes it feel so much more manageable.

Brent is loving his new job and has had some great leads that show promise.  We feel so grateful.

Jensen continues to report good things from college.  She spends her Friday nights salsa dancing with her roommates and seems to be keeping up with her course load.  We miss her but it is so much easier knowing how much she is loving it up there in the potato state.  

On to October.....


Michele Johnson said…
Your calendar is awesome! Is it a print-out?
shahna said…

Thanks for your comment. I use Printmaster Platinum to make our family calender. It is really easy to use. Here's a link:

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