Today I was caught off gaurd.  Jensen has been prepping to leave for school the last few weeks and it has been fun.  We went to Ericka last week and she got a new haircut and color.  It turned out so cute.  Ericka is the best.
 I have been so excited for Jen that I really didn't think I would cry.  But then after she left with Brent for the airport, I walked in her room and saw this.
 and this...

and this... 
and I sobbed.  It hit me.  She really is gone.
Oh how we will miss her!
But I felt the warm embrace of so many sweet friends who texted me and offered words of encouragement and concern.  Several of them having been through this themselves and knowing how hard the first few days are after you send your first born off to college.

One sweet gal even dropped off a little care package so I could drown my sorrows in Diet Coke and chocolate.

Grateful today for a daughter who is independent and ready to go to college.
Grateful for a kind note that was given to me today from a sister in my ward.  
Grateful for good friends who support me in my time of need.
Grateful that Jen will be home in 15 weeks.


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