This is me lately.  If I'm being honest I dread the Fall .  It is the most hectic time of year for me.
You can look at the family calendar at the end of this post and understand why.
Lately in a given week I:

do about a dozen loads of laundry
plan/cook/shop/clean 21 meals
drive approximately 500 miles back and forth between cheer practice, football, tumbling, games, institute, church, and the store
attend two institute classes
do the reading for said institute classes
almost 8 hours of carpool
go to the grocery store/Costco three times
clean the house approximately 6 hours
coach 4 hours of cheer
push through about an hour of paperwork a day
toss in a visiting teaching appointment or two into the mix
plan a family home evening lesson
work with Tanner on finishing up his Eagle
work with Brady on cub scouts
work with McKinley on Personal Progress
pull weeds
work on my calling atleast 12 hours, on average and attend atleast two meetings for it
water all the flowers
pay all the bills
go to the temple
have lunch with friends
run about 12 hours of errands
and exercise 6 hours.

I can't imagine why I feel so tired and worn out at the end of every day lately.

Ironically, I am not a gal that prides herself on being super busy.  I actually try to avoid feeling over committed.  But somehow I have miscalculated and this time of year always seems to knock me for a loop.

Six more weeks until football season is over and things will slow down significantly.  
This Momma is kind of looking forward to it.
Until then, I will try to enjoy these awesome people that I live with.  


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