April 2014 according to my iphone

What better way to bring in a new month than by celebrating the birth of one of your favorite people?  We had the Goodrums over for cupcakes in honor of Maribel's birthday.  How we love this family and feel so grateful for their friendship.

April is the month of  General Conference.  It's not possible for me to pick one talk that was my favorite but this one by Elder Bednar would definitely have to be on the short list.  I have listened to it a couple of times and learn something new with each listen.

Got this cute picture of my extended family at my Brother's wedding to his cute wife, Amy.  
 So happy for them both.
 Tanner snagged a date with this cute gal for Mormon Prom.
 And while we were taking pictures, Hanky snagged a ride with Uncle Brent.  
 Tanner and Bre went to Edgefest which was a treat for these two music fanatics.
A funny thing I saw when I was cleaning Brady's room.  They were talking about stranger danger at cub scouts.  I love his honest response.   
 Love the beautiful weather we were having in April.  One day in particular was so beautiful we had to grab a couple friends and go for a Sonic run.

 We decided to jump in the car and drive to Saginaw and take Memomie to lunch one Saturday.  Love to spend time with her.  She has been such a big influence in my life and I made a goal to spend more time with her this year.    
 Said goodbye to the best big sister ever.  She is back at school and enjoying college life.
 Sheri and I hosted a fun jungle craft night in preparation for camp.  Here is our cute refreshment table.  
 Brent and Brady worked all month on their pinewood derby car.  
Brady was pretty proud of it, can you tell?

 Visited the McKinney Skate Park for the first time.  Kids had a blast.  
We will be doing more of that in the future.
 Celebrated Prosper's Centennial downtown with a zip line and free lunch. 
 Ran into these cute girls while we were there.  
We are learning patience over here.  
We are STILL waiting for that oldest boy's mission call.  
It feels like it is taking FOREVER.....  


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