Good Friday and a good Friday

Yeah, yeah.  I know it's not actually Good Friday.  But for me, it's been a really good Friday.
Last night it was dark and rainy and ominous.  There were thunderstorm warnings all night long.  Eventually, hail came.  It did a lot of damage to some of  the areas around us.

But today the SUN is shining. 
 I tell you, it couldn't be more beautiful than it is today.

And it's FRIDAY.  
Which always means one thing at my house: date night with my favorite guy.  

On another note, I have been praying for some direction for the last few weeks about how to best spend my time now that trek is over.  Should I volunteer somewhere?   Maybe the temple?  Should I get a job?  Work on projects around the house that have been nagging at me?
 None of those have felt right.

Early this morning, I was in a meeting and I started feeling like I was getting the answer I had been looking for.  I had an opportunity FALL in my lap that I NEVER would have volunteered for but I started having some thoughts in the meeting that this was what I SHOULD do.  This would be a good place to devote time and energy.  It is hard work but it is interesting and satisfying and might make a difference.  

And it felt right.  
It felt good to know and to be able to follow that inspiration.  
It feels good to have prayers answered.  

I came home after the meeting and started opening up some mail.  The EOB for Tanner's mission physical two weeks ago said that we would have to pay over $350 for it instead of our customary copay.  Ugh!  I dialed up the Drs. office and inquired with billing what the discrepency was.  I was quickly informed that there was no balance and it had been taken care of.  THANK YOU DR. FERGUSON!  I love that man.

Then Tanner texted me that he had been offered a job.  One that he has been wanting for some time.  I was so happy to hear this because now that he is almost done with school and happens to be spending a lot of time with a cute girl he met at trek that lives on the other side of Frisco, he has been going through his slush fund and the gas pretty fast.   
 Yay for jobs!

A deposit I was expecting came in a little higher than I thought.  
That is ALWAYS good news.

My Dr's.  office called me back with my lab results from my physical yesterday and it was good.  
It's good news to be healthy.

A friend called just to check in and see how my week had been. 
 I am so lucky to have friends that do things like that.

Today has been a really good Friday.  
I feel like it has been a tender mercy.  
Sometimes life can feel like the test that it is.    
But today felt glorious.

As I was driving around running errands and reflecting , I was  reminded of this talk and Sister Pearce's "daffodil day" that she experienced.  It was a day where everything just seemed to be glorious and beautiful and filled with love for others.  I love what she says at the end of that talk.

"Daffodils do bring gladness. Healthy, happy children cause our hearts to sing. 
Balanced brain chemistry and physical health maximize our enjoyment of this world. Rides 
in convertibles, picnics in a pine-scented forest, shelter during the cold storms of winter—these are delights I wouldn't want to have missed. Economic security lightens our load of 
worry. Attentive husbands and the warmth of good friends bring contentment. 
Accomplishment, a job well done, music, art, an exquisitely written piece of literature—yes, 
there are so many things that lift in happy ways,
but if some of these, if all of these, were to 
evaporate, to be snatched away from us, cut off at ground level, we could still count on Christ
the one who did only the will of his Father, the co-creator of all that is good, the one 
who knows every soul—the sick, the oppressed, the gifted, the gorgeous, the abused, the 
charismatic, the brilliant, as well as the bumbling and stumbling soul who can't seem to 
make anything work. Yes, you and me. He knows us. He not only knows us but loves us..."

I am so grateful for "Good Friday" which occurs later this month in honor of Him and good Fridays like today that remind me that all things come from Him.  And just like the dark and destructive storms that came and went last night, tomorrow the sun will shine.


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