I "will" and "I won't" for April

Inspired by this post by one of my favorite bloggers (Hillary Weeks, have I mentioned that I had lunch with her once?) has made me decide to copy her FANTASTIC idea.

So I am officially declaring my "I will" and "I won't" list for April.  If I put it in writing then I am accountable so feel free to ask me how I am doing when you see me.  :O)

I will:
Go to the gym/ exercise 4 days a week
make a temple date during the day with a friend
drink 64 oz of water daily
find someone to serve every other day
read 10 conference talks 

I won't:
eat sugar - except on Fridays
stress out about things I have no control over
buy anything I don't NEED
foster negative thoughts about myself or others
get up past 6:30am


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