Skin in the Game

I mentioned yesterday that this girl saved $250.00 for cheer.  I don't have a picture of Reagan with the $250.00 she saved but they both did.  And I couldn't be prouder of them.

Six months ago, it occurred to me that if both girls made the Reynolds cheer squad, we would have to write a big fat check in April for $1500.00.  April is the same month that we write a big fat tuition check for our college gal.  And buy books for said college gal.  And pay her housing fee.  It's kind of an expensive month. 

So I challenged McKinley and Reagan to come up with $250 a piece towards that expense.  I didn't realize it at the time but it was kind of a win! win!  

They figured out that if they didn't make cheerleader, they had all this money saved that they could use it to spend on whatever they wanted instead.  So both girls went into tryout week with a great attitude and mind set.  Ultimately, I am glad they both made it because I know they will have a fun year together.  

I'm even more glad that these kids are learning a thing or two about the value of a dollar, how to save for things you really want, that money is closely associated with work, and that anything worth having is worth working and sacrificing for.

Those are lessons that are priceless.


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