Direct Blessings of Tithing

When Brent was ill all those years, it had a devastating effect on our savings.  There were lots of medications, diagnostic tests, procedures that weren't covered by insurance because they were "experimental".  After all, when you have tried EVERYTHING within protocol, and that hasn't "fixed" the problem, you are willing to try ANYTHING.  In addition, his earning potential went down during much of that time.  Can you imagine trying to be a productive salesman when you feel like you have an incessant spike in the center of your head?
So for the last two years we have been on a bit of a self-imposed spending freeze.  Meaning, we assess needs vs. wants and have pretty much agreed to not make any large purchases (unless they were a NEED), or go on any extravagant vacations until we feel like we have covered a lot of the financial ground we want to recoup.  It was a decision that we both have felt good about and have stuck pretty fiercely to.

Lately, however, I have found myself getting frustrated.  He has several really large deals in his pipeline that would pretty much eliminate our spending freeze if he could get them closed quickly.  Mind you, the more expensive the product is that you sell, the longer the sales cycle seems to be.  I have no reason - except my impatience- to think things are progressing slower than normal.  It is just my eager anticipation that is making it seem that way.

Lately, I felt like we take one step forward and then one step back with some of the unforeseen expenses we have had crop up.  Keep in mind that while we are trying to freeze our major spending, we are also paying for one child in college and her housing as well as paying to get another one ready for a two year mission for our church.  It has been expensive.

About a week after I mentioned to Brent that I felt like the blessings weren't really flowing our way for paying our tithing and a generous fast offering, something interesting started happening.  

It started on a Saturday.  I was in need of 4 new tires for my car.  We decided to scout around and see if we could find some used tires that were in good shape at a drastic discount.  The very first tire shop we pulled into had a pair of 4 matching almost new tires that were sold to us for about 40% of what it would have cost us if they were purchased new.  And they were in fantastic shape!  As I was sitting in the tire shop, waiting for them to be installed on my car, I had a thought, a whispering really,  come into my mind.  "This is a direct blessing for paying a full tithe."   

It happened again a week later.  With Brent's new calling, he is wearing a suit 3 to 4 times a week.  We realized that he needed some new suits and several of his old ones were not (ahem) well fitting like they used to.  Having bought two new suits for Tanner recently, I knew this might be a big expense but one that to a certain extent, he needed.

No one but us knew this.

Low and behold 3 days later a a sweet personal friend (with great taste in suits) who is not even a member of our church (but is married to one) came over, SPONTANEOUSLY, with 6 suits in hand and offered them up to us.  He said he was cleaning out his closet and knew he would never fit into them again no matter how hard he tried and he wanted them to be put to good use.  Every single suit fit..  Perfectly. No alterations needed.  Again, as he was trying the suits on I had a whispering again, "this is a direct blessing for being a full tithe payer."

That happened several times over the last few months.  Sometimes it was finding a really great deal on items for Tanner's mission, or a lower than typical utility bill, or a higher than normal commission check.

I think more often than not we never know what blessings we receive that are directly tied to the law of tithing.  But I am grateful for this tender mercy that has happened in my life for the last few months.  I think I needed to know I was being blessed for being obedient.  I think it has made me more keenly aware of the love Heavenly Father has for me and my family.  

I remember one time a returned missionary who came home and reported to the Stake Council.  He shared something that his mission president had promised them when baptisms were low as well as morale.  He said, "when we are obedient we can expect blessings, when we are STRICTLY obedient, we can expect miracles."  I have never forgotten that.  Now I can say that I have experienced it.  So grateful for the gospel perspective and a loving Father in Heaven who reminds me of that when I need it most.


Christi Kovach said…
Beautiful, just BEAUTIFUL. This makes me want to be strictly obedient !!!
Christi Kovach said…
Just Beautiful !

Thanks for sharing this.

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