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Oh my goodness gracious!  What a month!  LOTS of changes.  More than I think we have ever had in such a short period of time.  In just a few weeks we were in a newly created ward, with a new Bishop, a new Stake, with a new stake president, new callings, end of the year award ceremonies, mission calls and lots of mission shopping and preparation, and that's just the beginning.  I'm still not really sure how I feel about all this change...
 Brent was called to be the 2nd counselor with President Platt.  We love this man and had our own promptings that he would be our new stake's President.  He will be absolutely fantastic and we will learn alot from him.

I love this cute meme that I saw on instagram and I thought it described me perfectly.
 Tyler (closed eyes and all) and Amy came over to celebrate with us when Tanner opened his mission call.
 Cheerleaders gathered for the last pep rally of the year when the incoming 7th graders came over for a visit to Reynolds.
 This picture basically expresses how I am feeling this month.  Did I mention that my son is leaving to go on a mission in less than two months?  For two years.  I wont see him for two years.  And I absolutely adore him.  
 I came across this quote and loved it as a definition of humility.
 Tanner had his court of honor.  More on that at a later date.

 I just wanted to add this random pic because he is cute and he makes me laugh.
 Had the WORST MOTHER'S DAY EVER.  I won't go into detail but let's just say with all the changes going on in our home - it went somewhat unheralded and it was lousy.  I got these the next day.  Very sweet.
 I don't mean to have this post be all about quotes but a friend called for some advice about resolving a conflict and how to handle it and I saw this on the internet the very next day.  I sent it to her and think it's a great reminder for me too.
 I am not very creative but I was pretty proud of myself that I made these cute little baptism handouts for a cute little friend who was getting baptized.  Thanks to Pinterest.
 I did however, have the honor of being in charge of the pillow treats for yw camp.  This is what I ended up doing...
 (back - I love this quote)
 And I also gave them a cd of President Packer's talk "Spiritual Crocodiles" with these cute gummy crocodiles.  Our overall theme for camp was "It's a Jungle Out There" so it was appropriate.
 A friend (thanks Lisa!) helped me put this cute cheer gift together for my girls to give to their "cheer sisses".
 I think they had fun at the "Must Stash" activity they did.  They went and shopped for a stash of food that our sweet new Bishop could put in his office to help him get through those long hours. 
 Had lunch with a very dear friend I have known for almost 40 years.  I am so grateful for this man.  He has been a great father figure in my life, throughout my life.
 Took Memomie out to dinner for her 87th birthday.
 Got this text from Tanner and Kade during the last week of school.  Being a senior is tough, huh?
I am loving the red headed hostesses scripture study ideas on her web site.  I highly recommend!!!

 This cute gal earned the Principal's Award.  So proud of her.  Beauty and brains.

 And her cute friend, Taylor got it too.  Taylor and Reagan were part of the reach team this year too.  Reach is a club that the school counselors put together to do service throughout the school and the community.  
 Had our first cheer social of the schoolyear.

Well that about does it.  Lots more coming in June! Stay tuned.


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