Tucson it is

Tanner's call arrived on May 9th.  
Our home happens to be one of the last ones on the mail route so it comes late.
Tanner couldn't take it anymore so we got in the car and went looking for the mailman.
We knew we had a house full of people coming at 6 to witness the opening.
We wanted to make sure it arrived in time.

 Our hearts were touched by how many beloved friends and mentors to Tanner showed up to celebrate this turning point in his life.  Seminary teachers, Sunday School teachers, YM leaders, Aunts, Uncles.  The house was PACKED.  And of course, Tanner's best friend, Kade was there right by his side.  

 When he opened the letter and announced he would be serving in Tucson, AZ this mother's heart was a little relieved.  I breathed a sigh of relief knowing he was going to be in the country and not TOO far away.  

Sending a son out for two years is not for sissies I tell you.  

Truly, it has taken me so long to post this because I am painfully aware of how my days with this boy I love so much are numbered.  It is very bittersweet.  I know he will be a fantastic missionary and is well prepared.  

I hope my heart can handle the two year absence.  


when does he go to the MTC? My son reports on Aug 20....maybe they will overlap?
shahna said…
Rebecca! He reports Aug. 6th. Where is your son going?
Austin is going to Fort Collins, Colorado. My oldest son is returning from Denver North on Monday!

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