Gone Fishin'

This is Bryce.  He is a very kind 14 year old boy that lives in a neighboring ward.  He knows everything there is to know about fishing.  Almost every day, we see him over here in the ponds across the street from our home with his rod and reel.  He can't get enough of it. 
So I had an  idea.  
 I asked Bryce if he would be willing to teach a "fishing clinic" to some of the cub scouts in my ward.
 Lucky us!  He was more than happy too.  
 He taught those boys a little bit of everything.  He taught them about the different fish on our pond.  What they liked to eat.
 He taught them how to set up a rod and reel and put the bait on the hook.
 He taught them how to catch little fish called "Brim" and then cut them up and use them as bait to catch the bigger fish.  The boys really enjoyed that part.

 And they loved every minute of it.

 Now a bunch of little cub scouts get to earn fishing belt loops and activity pins.  I have seen several of them over here since Bryce's clinic with their families fishing.  
Thanks Bryce for sharing your time, talent, and love of fishing with these boys!


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