Bye bye boppy

Yesterday Brady turned three. He got presents, ate cake, celebrated with dinner and a movie with the family, and ...oh yeah...he gave up all of his boppies (pacifiers). Save all the lecturing. I know, I know. He REALLY should not have had a pacifier this long..but..but ..he is my BABY. My caboose. The absolute last of my offspring. I wanted to keep him a baby for as long as I possibly could. It was poor parenting on my part but chances are pretty good he will need alot of othodontic intervention in the future (judging from his siblings - pacifier users and non pacifier users alike). Boppies make life so much easier! I could literally tell that boy at about 2pm to go in his room and take a nap and as long as he had his boppy - he was all for it. It was so nice. Those days are gone. I know it is best but it was still hard. We wrapped up all the boppies in the house in a present to give to Amanda's new baby, Liam. We told Brady that since he was a big boy now it was time to pass his boppies to a baby that needed one. Don't worry Amanda - we aren't REALLY going to give them to you. It just made the transition easier. Next step-POTTY TRAINING. Wish me luck!


Amanda said…
LOL! I feel privileged that I had a baby at the right time to use as an excuse:) I wish Liam would like far he won't take any but the soothie ones and he does not love them. He will not suck on one for any period of time or to go to sleep. We will see if he eventually grows to love them and makes my life easier! I think Molly is going through the same thing you are right are so experienced I am sure the potty training will go well:) Molly just started that too----but it's not going well for her:(
i think liza had her binkies until she was 4. you get extra leeway with the baby.

um, why am i not on your new and improved blog roll?
shahna said…
Sorry andrea! Total oversight on my hurried behalf as I was entering them in manually. You are on it now.

Amanda: Brady didn't even like a pacifier until he was a year old. I gave it to him when he started sucking on his fingers. I had always heard it was better to give them something you could take away instead of a thumb or finger.
brianne said…
Happy birthday, Brady! Looks like we are in the same boat... or about to be. Ben turns 3 in July and we desperately need to lose the pacifiers too. I should have done it long before Matthew came along because he can just steal one from him, but too late for that! I'll be anxious to hear how potty training goes (I'm terrified to start)... good luck!
Bethanne said…
You are so funny! My kids have never even taken to pacifiers although I did actually try to get them to take them! But you better not take our blankies and Jackson's bear Max away...

Aren't you a potty-training expert by now? :) I've only had to deal with one thus far and I hated ever minute of it...Can't they just come with an easy potty-button?
Shahna, you need to do a whole blog about potty training. I can tell its time to start with Allison, but I dont remember where to start. How have you done it in the past, and what works the best??

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