Swim team ROCKS

Well we had our first swim meet today and boy was it fun! We are really enjoying it especially since so many of our friends from our church family are on the same team. The Morleys and Fergusons are great people and we have a blast carpooling and hanging out with them before, during, and after practices. One of the highlights was that my little sister, Lindsey, came to watch since we were so close to her office. She was a real trooper watching in the heat on her lunch hour. Here are some pics from the fun today.


Amanda said…
What a fun summer activity....with no school pressure at the same time! They all look so cute in there Nike swim suits!
Well, well, well! Brent & Shahna
Argyle are alive and well! This is Rebecca McCumber Layton from the good ol' Matrix Marketing days and Lakeview Manor Apts. How are you guys doing? I was 'blog stalking' and saw an Argyles in Texas link and thought, What are the chances? Can't believe it's you! I've got 5 kids, too, been married 18 years this August and we've been in Vegas for 17. I'd love to hear from you!

Hi again!
I don't know anyone on your blog...just someone who knows someone who knows someone, etc. I was just clicking on links and stumbled upon yours. I was the girl at Matrix that did all the hiring. (I was a bit of a b-word when I worked there...sorry!) I started out in QA and then moved on to do the hiring. I hired Brent, in fact. Also, I was engaged to the VERY creepy Gary Riehle for awhile when we were all working there. Ring a bell yet? After D & I got married we lived right upstairs from you guys at Lakeview Manor.
Feel free to add me...I'll add you,too. Keep in touch! I love hearing from old friends!
Amanda said…
Shahna--If you show your girls a crash test video of Booster seat vs...seat belt alone I bet they won't complain anymore. Or you can show them the the 5 criteria they have to meet before a seatbelt alone is safe. P never complains (of course he is not in school yet....) But he sees other kids in nothing and says I guess they don't want to be safe. He has seen the crash tests and understands:) thanks for the support....you make me feel less neurotic!
You guys look like you're having way too much fun this summer! I never was on a swim team, but my best friend Carly was. I remember going to her practices in the morning, then hanging out at the pool all day with her. So much fun! It's fun to see a picture of Lindsay too! I'm glad to see she's doing well.
Mandie said…
I think swim team is such a great sport for kids. I would choose that over hot days on a soccer field any day.
that is fun that they can all be on a team together!
Kelly said…
Totally agree with Mandie. What better way to spend summer than in the water?! Looks like you guys are having a blast!!!
Jamie said…
Hi Shanha! I am glad you found my blog! Please do add me to your friends list and I'll add you to mine.

By the way, I am so impressed that you are doing a triathalon. Way to go!!! What a great feeling that will be to finish--dead last or not.

We miss you guys.


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