nineteen years already????

Today Brent and I celebrated 19 years of wedded bliss. I can't believe it. I tried so hard to find him a gift but he has honestly become the hardest person to shop for that I know. He doesn't NEED anything and has become kind of picky about clothes, sporting goods, etc. We had a swim meet for our kids tonight so we were there until after 8:30 with them. Needless to say, we were not going to go out for a romantic dinner. Quite honestly, that is fine because we go out pretty much every friday night - just the two of us. Anyway, when we got home I found a really sweet note, 2 dozen red roses, and a portable GPS! (insert "awwwh" here)

I am so jazzed about this! I get lost all the time! I think maybe he got the idea to get it for me the other day after I called him in the middle of the day to help me get home from a swim meet in Highland Park. I do that kind of thing all the time. He knows how to get anywhere from anywhere in Dallas. I have absolutely no sense of direction. I may not be married to the perfect man but I think he is the perfect man for me! I feel really bad that I did not get him anything now. Oh well, there ARE those two shirts I bought for him when I was at Costco last you think that can count?


Amanda said…
I love that when one person just gets a really sweet gift....That's what's great about a marriage you do not have to feel bad about it! We do that all the time:) It doesn't have to be "even". Enjoy your GPS and let me know how you like it:) I am directionally challenged also. Molly's GPS saved her the night of my birth...she said she never would have made it on time without it! HAPPY 19 years!
smarty4 said…
Happy Anniversary! I cant believe you guys have been married that long. That is so great...esp. these days..ha! I cant believe we knew you when Craig and I just got married. Wow, how time flies..we are going on 10 yrs pretty soon.
Blakeley :)
Danielle said…
wow congrats! and about the whole potty training thing...I can't believe Evan can do it now...really wasnt much on my part...he got a really bad yeast infection from his antibiotics and so he didnt want to wear a thing led to another and now we're getting rid of big boy diapers for good!
Bethanne said…
Okay, so it's a good thing that you and I never tried to drive anywhere together...we'd probably end of in Oklahoma or something...I, too, am AWFUL with directions and can get lost at the drop of a hat. And since there are no mountains or landmarks, I don't know how anyone does it here! Dan also has a built-in (internal) navigational system that can take him any and EVERY where without the need for mapquest. Sigh. Everyone has a talent, right?
Mandie said…
Just tell him he didn't get a gift cause you're saving up for number 20.
Brianne said…
Wow... congrats on 19 years!

Thanks for the sweet compliments you left on my scrap blog. As far as I know, you don't need to change the size of your page to have it printed... the printers actually crop a tiny bit of the edges off to get the "full bleed" look so you just don't want any important information/elements really close to the edge. Hope that helps!

P.S. I'm still figuring out the scrapping stuff for blogs, especially since I don't use blogger or I'd totally take you up on your offer. I just might play around and try to make a blog kit though... most likely a freebie. Wish me luck!
Kim said…
WOW 19 years! Congratulations! The next 19 will probably be just as fabulous as the first!
Brianne said…
Okay, I totally got your comment mixed up with another "Shauna" on my scrap blog, so you can just disregard that unsolicited advice about printed scrapbook pages :)
The A Team said…

i'm always lost too. so much so that everytime i pull out my cell phone in the car ryan asks me if i'm calling daddy for directions (9 times out of 10 i am).
oh, guys dont care about anniversary gifts! It sounds like that was the perfect gift for you!!Congrats on 19 yrs!!

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