A little mother/daughter bonding

Jensen is a HUGE fan of Taylor Swift so when I heard she was the opening act for Rascall Flats and that they were coming to town I immediately called my hubby's best friend who can always get us the most amazing seats. He came through as he always does (THANKS JEFF!). Jensen was so excited. Here is the part where it takes a turn for the worst...apparantly there was a Dallas Summer Musical going on at the same time plus construction througout Fair park. The traffic was ridiculous. To make matters worse, cars were running out of gas all over the highway from idling for two hours from the traffic jam. We moved about a mile in 2 hours! When we got there we had totally missed Taylor. I seriously went to the bathroom and just sat in the stall and cried - I was so disappointed for Jensen. Being the great girl that she is, SHE was the one comforting ME. We decided to make the best of it and stay to hear Rascal Flatts, ordered hot dogs and hamburgers and sat back and took it in. She just had the biggest smile on her face. Now she is a big Rascall Flatts fan and has been singing their songs around the house all day. I think she had a really good time. My daughter is such a good example to me of makin' lemonade out of sour grapes or whatever that ole' saying is!!! Here are some pics - we had AWESOME club seats right in front of the stage.


Tyler said…
I like your background, and you make lemonade out of lemons.

Can I come by this week and look at your books on cd?? Thanks somuch!

Tyler said…
Whoops, I am signed in as Tyler, and it it me, Andrea. Now I've got to do that stupid word verification again.
shahna said…
I know you make lemonade out of lemons but isn't there a saying out there about sour grapes too? I think sour grapes implies a bad attitude and I was having a bad attitude at first.
Bethanne said…
Of all the darned luck! What a great kid Jensen is...I don't think many people in GENERAL can "miss out" on their favorite activities and still wear a smile and an "oh, well" attitude. There is some serious wisdom and maturity in that girl! :)

Oh, and I love the new wallpaper. I think it is adorable!

So, about my job really quickly: when we first moved to Sacramento a couple of years ago, this guy in our ward approached me and said that sometimes he likes to employ SAHM to earn supplemental income. So, after expensive CA drained our whole savings in a matter of months I got on board! I am a consultant for his company and we analyze locations for dental and medical practices (like we tell them about the lifestyles of the people, how to market their offices, the demographics of the area, recommendations on locations, local competition, etc.). I get paid per report - each one taking at least 1 to 2 hours - and in October it will be 3 years! I would love to not need the extra money, and just be mommy, but it has been a huge blessing to our family. Plus I get to do it from home and he provides me with my laptop. Nothing glamorous, but a fairly sweet deal...so that's my job in a nutshell. I get orders as they come in so I never know my schedule until day of (and since he's in CA, I can get new orders until 7:30 pm). Speaking of which, I need to go complete some for this morning...I'm stalling right now! :)
C2Hizzy said…
Hi, I found your blog through Amanda's.
You are so brave. Brant & I went to Coldplay a few years ago & well, let's just say I prefer to get the DVD & watch it on the big screen at home.
Chris Sheen
Haley said…
Jensen is a sweet girl. I adore her. You have raised a great person.
Danielle said…
Jensen is so awesome! If it were me at the age I am sure I would have been a whiney baby but Jensen is such a great girl!
Molly said…
oh man, I wanted to go see them. I bet it was lots of fun!

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