sick kid, a priesthood blessing, and gratitude

Well our little Reagan is REALLY sick! She has really had me worried the last few days. It started Tuesday with nausea. Wednesday she developed a low grade fever and a sore throat. Friday we took her to Care Now for a strep test. Negative. She has been on antibitotics for two days now but she was still running a 102.1 fever this morning (Sunday). Normally, I would not freak out about this. I have seen a lot of viruses and sickness in the last 13 years. But Reagan tends to throw me into a tailspin when she gets sick because we almost lost her to a virus/staph infection a few years ago. Remind me to tell you about that one some day. That was a real testimony builder! Anyway, when she gets sick I probably worry more than usual because of her close call. We were actually contemplating taking her to the ER when I got home from church because she seemed to be getting worse. To add insult to injury Brent was really hurting today too. Most of you know that Brent has suffered from a chronic illness (Pseudotumor Cerebri) for 2 years now. He has had the same headache since June 3, 2006 and it is a doozy! He can not really function without his meds and sometimes that doesn't even do much to alleviate his pain. Anyway, he was having a really hard day so he wasn't in any position to give Reagan a blessing. I was so grateful to have a great home teacher who found someone to come over with him and administer to her. Brother Romney (Darren) and Brother LeSeuer gave her a blessing that she would recover and start feeling better and a couple of hours later, here she is sitting with me in my bed watching "John and Kate plus 8" (one of our fave TLC shows) and eating popcorn (that her big sister, Jensen, made just for her because that was the only thing that sounded good to her). My heart is so full of gratitude for those two great men who came at a moment's notice. I love my new ward family so much. I am so grateful to be a member of this church and to have the blessings of the gospel in my life.


Amanda said…
I am so glad she is now on the mend. Isn't it great to have wonderful priesthood holders to call on?
Wow. What a crazy story. I'm so glad she is feeling better. I am also so grateful for the priesthood. It's wonderful to know that not only your husband, but other ward family members & priesthood holders will always be there. The church is such a huge blessing in so many ways! I hope Reagan and Brent continue to start feeling better!
Mandie said…
I remember the staph infection. I can't imagine how scary that must have been. I also heard a rumor that your husband had cancer a while back. Was that just a rumor?

Man, you guys have been through a LOT! You are an amazing chick with lots of faith!

I'm glad Reagan is doing better!
shahna said…
Mandie: No cancer, thank goodness. They suspected a brain tumor for awhile - probably what you heard- but we are happy to say he is cancer free.

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