the bachelorette

I was listening to a talk from my "SHERO", Sheri Dew and she was blasting reality shows like the Bachelor for their lack of value and shallowness. I agree! BUT, but, but I really like Deanna! She had her heart broken by that horrible Brad Womack fella' from last season who just played her and then couldn't make a commitment. She is a cute girl with a heart in the right place and I want to see her find true love. Then maybe next season I can quit the bachelor/bachelorette cold turkey. I will really try. I will replace it with BYU TV reruns of General Conferences. Really, I will. (I actually happen to love BYUTV in all honesty -I have atleast 50 hours of talks on my tivo that I love to listen to over and over. ) Until then, here is my two cents about this season.

My favorite guy us Jeremy. He is handling this whole thing with RON THE JERK (yeahhh - as of last monday night he got sent home) so well. He seems to me like he is very comfortable in his own skin and oozes confidence without coming across as arrogant which I think is really a great attribute for anyone to have. He seems also like he is pretty focused on why he is there. He couldn't care less how the other guys in the house treat him - he is there for Deanna and to get to know her better. Besides, those guys are just jealous of him because they sense that he is their biggest competition. The other thing I really like about Jeremy (besides the fact that he is smokin' hot) is that he is a Real Estate attorney and Deanna sells real estate. They have that in common. Jeremy's father and mother died when he was young and Deanna's mother died when she was twelve. They have that in common too. It seems like she really likes him the most - smart girl!

My second choice is Jason. He seems like a really well grounded guy AND he is a single father. He was married for five years and then his wife up and left him and now he is raising their son all by himself. That says alot about him. He is a qt patootie too. He keeps talking about his son and how much he misses him but how it is worth if it if he can find true love with Deanna. AWWWWW! Sweet. That is my personal opinion. Any Bacelorette watchers out there feel free to chime in.


Mandie said…
Oh, don't get me started. Whoever chose Ron for the show thinking he was potentially good match for Deanna is an idiot. I hate that they choose such a broad mix of guys, obviously some of which were picked to add interest to the show, NOT because they would be a good match for her. I mean, really. Does Deanna seem like the type of girl that would marry a karate instructor with a mullet?

I think I like Jason so far. I like Jeremy too, but Jason just seems to be "real."
Those are my two favorites as well. I like Jeremy because he is a Texas boy and they seem to have a lot in common. I also really like Jason! I like Brian too but they don't show her interacting with him much. The other guys act like college roommates and are more concerned with bonding with each other than with Deanna!

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