a few thoughts on adversity

I was listening to a BYU fireside today from Elder Dallin H. Oaks about adversity and he shared this quote from Pres. Kimball. It was especially poignant to us. As some of you know Brent has suffered from a serious and chronic illness for a little over 2 years. When I shared it with him it brought tears to his eyes. I thought you might enjoy it too. The irony was not lost on us that these were the words from a man who suffered from a number of serious and life-threatening illnesses in his lifetime.

"I am grateful that my priesthood power is limited. I don't want to heal all the sick. Sickness is sometimes a great blessing. People become angels through sickness. Have you ever seen someone who has been helpless for so long that he has divested himself of every envy and jealousy and ugliness in his whole life? And who has perfected his life? I have. Have you seen mothers who have struggled with unfortunate children for years and years and have become saints through it? Have you seen people who have endured calamity? No pain suffered by man or woman upon the earth will be without it's compensating effects if it be suffered with resignation and met with patience." -Pres. Spencer W. Kimball

I add my witness that although I would do almost anything to find a cure for Brent - I am grateful for the strength that we have developed individually and as a family throughout the last 28 months. We are stronger, better people because of it. That includes my kids. We love each other with greater conviction and show it through service to each other. I am grateful for every moment that I have felt- and will continue to feel - the Lord at my side during this trial. There have been days I literally felt like HE was with me every step of the way, never leaving my side. I know Heavenly Father loves us and is ever mindful of us - especially in our afflictions.


Chella said…
Amen Girl!

I didn't know about Brent. But, I would never change any of my trials. They make us stronger!
Jess said…
Thanks Shahna! I will send this quote on to my mom. I love the part about mothers becoming saints through the raising of unfortunate children. I suffer sadness because of what my mother is going through, but I have definitely seen her become a saint through it all. Hopefully I can be half the mother she is, especially if I go through the same trials.
Sarah said…
have i told you lately that you are my HERO! thanks for sharing this- you have no idea how much i needed to hear it today!! thank you for your positive example.
Amanda said…
You always inspire me to be better:)
Suz said…
Thanks for sharing those thoughts. Great words to contemplate.
Nancy J said…
I will always be grateful for the opportunity you gave me to help your family during those first few months of Brent's illness when he was so sick. The Willow Tree figurine you gave me is a constant reminder of those special moments we shared and to never forget how important compassionate service is.

:) Nancy
Natalie said…
Beautiful, thank you Shahna.
Toni said…
awesome shahna!! the quote and the header!!! you did a great job on it! I'm so happy to see you putting those digital files to use!!! I need to call ya just to say hi! I feel like it's been so long since we've seen you guys!!

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