General Conference - Saturday session

I just LOVE conference weekend, don't you? Not only is it totally edifying but I love being able to "go to church" in my jammies! I think every single talk was wonderful and I really feel like I took something away from each one. I always walk away from conference realizing I have alot of work to do!!! My favorite talk today was Elder Oak's about the Sacrament. This is something I have been thinking alot about lately. Right before Tanner was ordained to the Aaronic priesthood in December we studied the priesthood as a family and specifically some of the symbolism in the sacrament - (since he was going to be passing it we thought that would be a good thing for him to know but in the end I think I learned the most!) I just recently listened to a talk by a favorite speaker, John Bytheway, called "The best 3 hours of the week". He shared some ideas about how we can get the most out of our sunday worship services-especially sacrament meeting. It really made me realize how I could improve my reverence and understanding during the sacrament. I think there have been times in my past when the three hour block of church was more of a social thing for me than a spiritual one. I have completely changed how I feel about that now. Elder Oaks talked about things we can do BEFORE sacrament meeting starts to prepare ourselves. He talked about dressing appropriately to take the Sacrament too. I just loved his talk! Which was your favorite so far?


Amanda said…
I have only watched 3 of the talks so far.....Elder Oaks talk really made me think that I have A TON to improve on and so much I need to teach Pierce!
Brooke said…
I actually enjoyed every single talk as well. I love going to church in my jammies, but tend to doze off. . . did I just admit that?! (thank goodness for tivo!) Didn't happen today though. I loved every talk. I enjoyed Elder Perry's, just comforting in what is going on in the world today. I loved Elder Bednar's too, just some things that I needed to be reminded of! Wait I loved all of them :)

Excited for the Kansas City Temple. My old stomping grounds. . .
Meredith said…
I LOVED Elder Bednar's talk. Recently in seminary we talked about how prayer is a way to obtain the "highest of blessings" (from the BD) and what that means. His talk taught me so much about HOW prayer helps us obtain those blessings. LOVE conference!
Chella said…
I liked them all. But I like the line that Uchtdorf used, "In the Midst of Winter, we find within us an invinciblee Summer." Also, I like Worthlin's talk, about finding humor and seeking for the eternal and understanding the principle of compensation [that which is taken away, will be added back to us in his own way, even 100 fold] and to trust in the Lord.

Also I liked the Hales, gave a shout out to blogging. Like the positive comments we make.

Dang, I really liked it all! ;)

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