For all you other clean freaks out there...

Picked this up last time I was at Target, it's a new product they are selling. It is called J.R. Watkins Natural Home Care All Purpose Cleaner. The thing I love about it is the scent. My faves are "coconut oil" and "palm oil". It smells so good and it is one of the few things I like for granite. It doesn't leave a waxy buildup. JUST FYI next time you are at target you might want to take a sniff and a gander. It's good stuff.


Amanda said…
Those scents sound good--Although I am SUPER sensitive to I never know which ones will give me a migraine:( That's why I have to use the organic non-smelling cleaners:) But those look cool and your house would probably smell like the beach! I wish I had granite to clean!

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