GREEN is the new ORANGE

On Friday our friends, the Bassis, came over and we all went to the big Prosper game against Celina. Here is Alexis with their cute little baby girl Susie. Isn't she adorable?

The rivalry between Prosper vs. Celina is a little like TEXAS -OU weekend in our small town. Everybody everywhere in the entire town is wearing their green in anticipation of the big night. Here are Brent and Tanner all decked out in their Prosper Eagle-wear.

Celina has beat us for the last 25 years. But that streak is over! The final score was 33-7, PROSPER EAGLES! There's nothing like Texas High School Football!!!!!


Texas Lisa said…
Go Prosper! By the way, your site is so cute!
shahna said…
Thanks Lisa! I will check yours out too! :O)
Brooke said…
Probably a good thing I didn't know about the game. We would of had to wear orange or risk our house being egged. I think it's already on some list because we don't have orange in our yard! (JK! but really everyone does)

You are so nice. Crafts take me a long time to learn. I like doing everything, but can't do anything amazingly well. . . but like to learn!
Juli said…
How fun. I am excited for our kids to be high schoolish age. Kel is going to go nuts with sports!
Rachel Taylor said…
Looks like it was a fun game, Tanner and Brent look a little zoned. Either that or it was do you really have to take another picture mom, look.

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