Happy Fall Y'all!

We celebrated Fall by going to Cooper's annual Fall Festival and it was AMAZING! Pretty much everything was free. We were there for 2 hours and didn't even do everything we wanted too. It was so much fun!,

All the kids got a caricature drawing.

Here is Tanner's

One of many bounce houses.

Reagan wins at the cake/cookie walk!

Pin the patch on the pirate

Jensen models the face painting with "I love twilight" on her cheek, have I mentioned that she is twilight obsessed?
pony rides for the little kids

a petting zoo

pumpkin decorating

Tanner models his "goatee" and tasted sushi for the first time. He liked it!
It was a great way to celebrate the arrival of Fall for All!!!!

I will try to post about it ahead of time next year so that you guys can go too! It is totally open to the community (you don't have to be a cooper fitness member) and free. A gauranteed good time for the fam!!!


Bethanne said…
I love things like this. So fun. And great pictures as always. Love it!
Juli said…
Sweet, that looks like a lot of fun. The kids would love to go next year!
Amanda said…
That's cool that they open it up to the community:) That picture of Tanner is too funny:) You can pull it out on him when he gets engaged....
How cool! I can't believe all that was free! It looks like you had a blast! You sure do have a cute family!
Danielle said…
looks like a lot of fun! I loved the caricature!
Lauralee said…
That looks like so much fun...and it was free! Even better! I can't wait until Camden is old enough to enjoy those kind of things!
Chella said…
Looks like good times. Who isn't twilight obsessed!?! I can't believe it was free...all the better. And, right now..those cookies sound delish. ;)

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