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Summer Adams said…
That is adorable! Sooo fun, I need to make one of those. I keep forgetting. Brooklyn would get a kick out of that. :) LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! MErry Christmas!!!

OH, and I LOVED LOVED LOVED your Christmas Report you sent, thanks for remembering us :) All the kids are growing fast and soooo stinkin' cute. It's so fun to read about all you guys are doing!
Anonymous said…
OMG it is so funny!!!!....You did a great job puting their best pics!!!...You have an adorables kids....I need make one, Tom would love it and the girls too....Hope you have a wonderful Christmas....We love you guys.
Amanda said…
LOVED it:) Jensen was such a cute Elf with those cute glasses on!

P would love me to make one of these:)
This was too funny! I love these videos. They crack me up every time. Hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!
Bethanne said…
Merry Christmas, Shahna! Your family is adorable as always!

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