thought for the day...

Today, I am NOT going to concern myself with....

dirty dishes

floors in need of vacuuming

new toys from Santa strewn about

achieving laundry nirvana - (it doesn't exist, btw)

getting the car oil changed

preparing for my pres. mtg later this week

TODAY I am going to...

do Brady's new puzzle with him

watch a movie with Jensen

Play Hannah Montana on Wii with the girls

shoot some hoops with Tanner

write a couple of thank you notes to people who enrich my life

...and ENJOY my family being home!


Amanda said…
GOOD FOR YOU! I understand about ignoring all the Christmas toys! I love your new blog design:)
Natalie said…
Sounds like a perfect day!
Rachel Taylor said…
Excellent idea! Sometimes that is all that matters. And looking back on their time spent with you, you kids won't be concerned with your laundry Nirvana, but they will remember the time u spent with them.
Shari said…
You're awesome. I needed to hear that today as I'm trying to figure out what I need to get done this week!

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