rushing to forgive....inspiring

I was so touched by this man who lost four loved ones to a tragic accident. Such a Christlike reaction, so immediate. Read on and be touched:

A korean whose wife, two young daughters and mother-in-law perished when a military jet crashed into his house says he doesn't blame the pilot who safely ejected. The Marine Corps fighter plane was returning from an offshore training mission Monday when it clipped a tree and slammed into homes about two miles from its base. Two homes were incinerated, and three others were damaged. Three generations of a Korean family died in one home. The family's pastor, the Rev. Kevin Lee of the Korean United Methodist Church in San Diego, identified three of them as Young Mi Yoon, 36; her 2-month-old daughter, Rachel; and her mother, Suk Im Kim, 60, who was visiting from South Korea to help care for her daughter's newborn. The body of 15-month-old Grace Yoon, Rachel's sister, was found in the home Tuesday, Fire Department spokesman Maurice Luque said. No one else remained missing.
The San Diego County medical examiner's office has not officially released the names of the victims. Young Mi Yoon's husband defended the pilot Tuesday. "I don't have any hard feelings," Dong Yun Yoon, 37, told reporters near the rubble where his home once stood. "I know he did everything he could." "Please pray for him not to suffer from this accident," Dong Yun Yoon said. "I know he is one of our treasured for the country."


Rachel Taylor said…
Wow if only we could all be like him!
Janie said…
It brought tears to my eyes yesterday. I hope I could have said the same thing, but I admit it might have taken me years to do so
I read this article last night too. Amazing how he can put closer to something like this so quick. I wish I would do the same....but really not sure I could?
Amanda said…
I HIGHLY doubt I would be able to do that--especially so soon. What an amazing guy.
Natalie said…
Wow, I don't even know what to say.
Thank you for sharing such a touching story.

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