teacher gift

I was suffering last week from a bout of blog-negligence due to the time hog that my calling has recently become. I will be back in full swing soon, though. For now, this will have to suffice:

Haley asked for teacher gift ideas. Here is a favorite of mine. Go to your local Blockbuster and get a large popcorn bucket and fill it with goodies for the movie. We like the pretzel Dips and Hot Tamales but they have EVERYTHING you can think of. Then throw in a Gift Card for a movie rental ( or two or three or ten - if you REALLY like your kid's teacher). If you wanna go crazy you could add a GC for dinner somewhere too. I have always gotten good feedback from teacher' s when we give them this.


I'm trying to decide what to get Bridger's preschool teachers, but don't really want to spend to much money. I think this is a great idea.
Amanda said…
Great cute idea:) I got something similar when I taught:)
Amanda said…
I also have to add I am glad you finally blogged! As nice as that man is I was getting sick of pulling up your blog everyday and looking at his sad face.
The A Team said…
i gave ryan's teacher a few cute ornaments we made and an adorable card and found out at the end of the holiday party that his teacher is jewish (oops). a bucket of popcorn would've been a little more p.c. then a few stars and christmas trees.

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