Santa playdate

We went to playgroup today with our friends, the Sallaways. On our way out we stumbled upon the big guy himself! He was hanging out in Nordstrom of all places and there wasn't a line or anything! This is a perfect example of why I am glad to have a camera small enough to carry with me all the time.

BTW, We had to take this pic of Brady and Ashley holding hands. They do it all the time. We have decided we will put it out for all to see at their wedding reception in about 20 years.


Amanda said…
Brady and Ashley holding hands is too cute!

your new camera takes great pictures:)

And that looks like the REAL Santa:)
Juli said…
Sooooo cute! They make a darling couple!
Brooke said…
GREAT SANTA!! Brady and Ashley are too cute together. I am excited for Isaac to be able to get to know Brady. I stopped in nursery again last sunday. Little Miss Snow White, doesn't leave Brady's side. So sweet.
Brady is a charmer. Sooo cute. I have been thinking about taking my kids to see good ole' st. nick sometime soon. How lucky that you just stumbled onto him.
shahna said…
For those of you who commented on what a great Santa he is. He was at Nordstrom in the Galleria and he was FREE!
Natalie said…
Adorable kids, Jolly Ol' Saint Nick, an excellent, good times! :)
Cynthia said…
What a cute picture!!!!...They are adorable.
Oh my gosh, Ashley and Brady look adorable!! That picture is too cute. I'm glad you guys had a fun Thanksgiving.
Suz said…
I want a invitation to that wedding. They are darling!
Bethanne said…
Holding hands? Awesome. Leah has been betrothed since she was if only they could meet one of these days. Sigh. :)
emblair said…
Hey I recognize those kids! And I'm holding out for Ashley and Brady too...another CC/Johnny story would be fabulous!

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