re-gifting, at it's absolute cutest

So we found this under the tree.....

Brady wanted to join in on the gift-giving spirit but funds must have been limited, I guess. He asked Reagan to write "To: Reagan, From: Brady" on toilet paper and then picked out one of his trucks to give to her. He wrapped it in the toilet paper and stuck it under the tree. Too cute.


Amanda said…
That is so sweet & Funny!!!!!
I think it is so funny that he asked the person he was giving it to to write her name on it:) And I love the toilet paper wrapping job!!!!!
P did something similar--When I was nursing L in his room P wrapped presents for Steve and I----They are done in Christmas paper and all covered --I know it's a piece of Candy...I can tell. He is so excited for me to open it on Christmas.
That is truly giving of himself! How sweet!
LaFish said…
What a cute kid!! Smart thinking to use the toilet paper!!
emblair said…
Now that's that spirit of Christmas! So sweet!
Jess said…
That is so nice! Little boys are so sweet and thoughtful. It's amazing!

And thanks for the comment on my sickness/ranting post :) I think I'm getting better...very slowly. Ella is teething now too, so that's not helping. I would probably be much better if I could get a straight night of sleep :)
The A Team said…
love it!! i feel like i haven't seen you in years. hopefully i'll be able to rejoin the world after new year. :)
aww...that is so sweet!
The Santa picture was taken at my parents ward Christmas breakfast.
Juli said…
LOVE IT!!!!!!!!
Rachel Taylor said…
That is the cutest thing ever! I love the wrapping job and everything!

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