marley and me

It was better than the book. And I loved the book! We all cried like a bunch of babies. Poor Reagan was uncontrollably sobbing through the last ten minutes. We want to go back and see it again. yes, it was THAT good.


Amanda said…
That makes me want to see it! I'll have to wait for the DVD.....
Rachel Taylor said…
Awesome! I was hoping it was good. I read the book and loved it. Can't wait to see it!
I really want to see this one, it looks cute!
smarty4 said…
we loved it too! thought it was going to be a little cheesy but it was awesome and so real!! we cracked up and cried! i think every mother in theatre was laughing in agreeance with the way mothers are!! and all the men were laughing bc they also know just how crazy "women" and "mothers" can be with no sleep and hormones!! haha..loved it, I want to see it again now too!
Walt and I saw this yesterday. I loved it! It was such a cute movie about life in general. I laughed, and yes, I cried. I haven't cried like that in a movie for a long time either - tears were streaming down. It was so good.
Rachel Taylor said…
So I saw it, it was an amazing movie, however I liked the book better. More detail, but it was nice to see it come to life.

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