Brady-the caboose

Brady is our two year old, the baby. He makes me laugh at least a dozen times each day. One of my personal favorites was when we were in target one day and he announced in front of the cashier, "Mama, I like your boo-boo" while he stared at my chest. His favorite things are Sesame Street, Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, and waiting for his brother and sisters every day when they come home from school on the bus. We kind of have a ritual of waiting outside for the bus and greeting them as they get off. He gets upset with me if I don't wake him up from his nap to greet them. He also loves "best and worst" which is a thing we do at dinner ever night. We all take turns going around the tablet to tell the best thing and the worst thing that happened to us that day. He always gets his best thing and his worst thing confused. He definitely has a mind of his own. He is mischievious too. Did I mention the time he called 911 and the police came to my house?


Amanda said…
Those are really cute pic's of Brady! I LOVE the wal-mart story:)
The A Team said…
my 2 year old called 911 too and then hung up. luckily, they called back and i told them that it was my baby so they didn't come. whew.
Danielle said…
I love Brady! He is just so adorable, him and Evan were so cute playing together last time we were over. (again, sorry he drew on your walls) :)
Summer Adams said…
what a little stud! such a cutie pie!!!
Wow he is getting so big! I can't believe it! He looks a lot like Tanner! What a little stud! I can't believe he called 911 that is so funny!
Sharon said…
Speaking of Brady and boo-boos. Although he did not do this the last time I saw him, for the previous year or so, every time I would pick him up, he would get this little grin on his face and one of his hands would shoot down the front of my shirt. It was hilarious. At thanksgiving I had on a sweatshirt with a Disney logo on the front. I was sitting on the Argyles' fireplace hearth. Brady ran up to me, placed a hand on each "boo-boo", quickly rubbed both of his hand back and forth and ran off - grinning. He is definitely going to be a "boo-boo" man. Aunt Sharon

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