Jensen - the oldest

Here is a picture of Jensen. She is 13 and in 7th grade. She just joined the Tennis club at her middle school and even though she considers it a learning year - she enjoys it because two other girls from our church are in it with her. She is the best babysitter anyone could ask for. Very responsible. She loves children. The thing I love about Jensen is that she is always happy. She pretty much always has a smile on her face. Ok, maybe not so much at 6:30 am when we wake her up for family scripture study - but usually by 7 she is her chipper self! She has a lot of friends. Honestly, so many I can't keep their names straight. She loves to read, watch Hannah Montana, and go to the mall. She is absolutely positively irrationally fearful of shots! She is also not good about taking medecine. She would pretty much rather be sick than take medecine. Also, she has a total panic attack if she thinks she is going to throw up. She is such a funny girl. She has the best heart of anyone I know and I seriously think she is THE MOST PATIENT PERSON I know. I guess having 4 little brothers and sisters will do that to you. She is a qt and a sweet kid. This is a picture we took of her and I last year when we went to the Hannah Montana concert. Yes, I got her tickets. Most days I would have to admit that I am a fairly mediocre mom but on that particular occasion I was feeling pretty happy with myself that I scored those tickets for her birthday. She was so excited, especially because it was her first concert...but HANNAH MONTANA, I mean - I am so sure - what more could a pre-teen girl ask for!


Summer Adams said…
Oh my gosh, what a cute girl Jensen is! I just miss y'all so much. Ok, and look like one of Jensen's girlfriends, not her mother! You are so darling, you look fantastic.

So, my blog is and my new boutique (not open yet) is but you'll get the huge announcement email when that happens, hopefully within a few days from now. WELCOME TO THE BLOGGING WORLD!!! :) Hugs, SA
Danielle said…
ah Hannah Montana! I am so jealous! :) glad you have joined us....finally! that's us...glad I get to see updated pics of your cute kiddos.
Mandie said…
Mandie McMurdie here. I found your blog from Summer's. It's so good to see your family! I can't believe how big everyone is now! Our blog address is
AnoelleB said…
Welcome to the club! Your family is the cutest!
Amanda said…
Shahna --you look like a teenager yourself in that picture:)

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