cooking classes

Reagan and McKinley love to cook. I HATE it. Typically, I do it as little as possible, but I know it is part of my job description. I don't think I am necessarily bad at it. I just don't enjoy it all that much. Fortunately, they have an aunt (Sharon) that LOVES to cook. They must have caught "the bug" from her. Whenever they spend the night with her she always has some fun cooking project for them. To them it is better than going to an amusement park! Anyway, I decided to let them take cooking classes from Young Chef's Academy from people who love it and are enthusiastic about it. Miss Leslie is so fun. She greets them at the door and you can just here the excitement in her voice when she tells them what she has planned for them to make that day. They do everything from lettuce wraps with honey-mustard dressing (kiki's fave) to decorating cakes. She has taught them the science behind cooking too. One day they made cakes and left out essential ingredients for each batch (baking soda, oil, baking powder, etc) and then tasted each one to see what difference it made. She is soo great! These pictures are from last week when they learned how to decorate cakes. they loved it! Here is the irony: The whole time they are at cooking classes with miss Leslie, I am at Chili's picking up dinner for the family. Have I mentioned that I hate to cook?


The A Team said…
that's such a great idea. i have a little cook too and i don't think he'll learn much from me (well he can make popcorn like pro...)
Amanda said…
I am so glad to see you got your wall-paper to work finally! I am so with you I do NOT like to cook! I like to bake----cooking is a whole different ballgame! I am sure I don't like it b/c I am not good at it! P loves to help me bake---but that is all he is learning:) They look so cute in their little aprons!
Bethanne said…
You sound so much like me! Cooking is the one thing that I really, really hate to do when it comes to motherly duties. Luckily Dan is an amazing chef and loves to do it (I duck out when I can...except during baseball season!).

Your kids are soooooo cute BTW.
Summer Adams said…
The girls look soooo cute in their aprons! I'm shocked you don't like to cook.

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