Brady catches a monster fish

When Brent was Bishop and the kids felt like they never saw him, we started a tradition of having him rotate the kids through "daddy dates" on Monday nights after family night. They got to pick the activity of their choice to do with him and they would usually end the night with ice cream or some other treat of their choosing. Well, Daddy dates are back due to a high volume of requests. We started them off last night with the littlest, Brady. Brady wanted to go fishing in our pond across the street and practice riding his bike around the circle. After 15 minutes, McKinley ran in,"Mom, Mom, Dad needs the camera!" Apparently, Brady caught this (Dad helped reel it in a little). He called it his "monster fish". Of course, our pond is catch and release so Brady was a little disappointed we weren't going to be eating it for breakfast this morning.


Amanda said…
WWWWOOOOOOOHHHHHH!!!!!! P would FREAK out if he got to catch a fish that BIG!!!!!!
The A Team said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
The A Team said…
wow!! go brady! also, i love your new background, it's so much fun. sorry i deleted my last comment, i wanted to add something and it was too late and...well..

what i wanted to add was:

if you ever want to change your background without deleting any pictures, i can help you with that (i figured it out the hard way...)
Summer Adams said…
that's awesome! did you know the fish in that pond were that big?
shahna said…
sum: no! that was the first time that He had ever really been fishing - he is only 2...Brent has caught several big fish, though.
Suz said…
Way to go Brady! Your Mom showed me your blog at work today. We missed you at the campout but it sounded like you got a well deserved time out.

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