Kiki: mommy's girl

Kiki is 7. She spends her free time playing outside any chance she gets. She loves the monkey bars, mastering her cartwheels, reading chapter books about animals, and shopping for clothes. She loves animals. We have a hamster, two parakeets, and a dog - all because of her. She is constantly wanting to add to our flock. I wouldn't be suprised if she grows up to work with animals. She is extremely responsible and if I ever need to remember something I just ask her ot remind me, she never forgets.


She is such a doll! You have such a beautiful family!
She is so cute! I miss babysitting your kids. They were always so much fun!

I didn't know if you had it or not but this is Paxton Hobson and his wife's blog
Sarah said…
hey, I was wondering when you would get a blog. your family is so cute.
The A Team said…
right on. i'm new to this whole blogging thing too but i'm having too much fun seeing what everyone is doing.
Sharon said…
I think Kiki is the biggest cuddle-bug of the group. I dread the day she is completely too big to crawl up in my lap. She is getting so tall; that day is coming soon.

Aunt Sharon

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