virgin blogger!

This feels like the first time I tried to peddle my bike without training wheels. Everyone I know has a blog and atleast a dozen people have told me lately that they wish I would start one so here goes. I have always been reluctant for fear that my life is entirely too boring. Oh well, I plan to start by introducing each member of my family over the next week or so. We will see how it goes. Here is a picture of all of us. Running clockwise from top the crazy cowboy fans are : me (shahna); Brent (sweet heart husband); Jensen (oldest, 13); Tanner (12); Reagan (6), McKinley (7); and our little caboose - Brady (2).


Molly said…
welcome, welcome! you have finally decided to join in on the fun!
Hey Sharon told me you had a blog so I wanted to check it out. Welcome to the club :)
It's so good to see your cute family! You have such beautiful children! Walt and I just started blogging a couple weeks ago too! It's so fun! It'll be great to be able to keep in touch!

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