Mommy gets a time out

Took off for Ok. City this past weekend to attend "Time Out For Women" with some best girlfriends. We stayed at our buddy Stacey's house. Aside from just keeping our sanity, we were motivated to go so that we could see our old friend,Whitney, perform with her singing group:Mercy River. (Their new cd is available through Deseret Book.) It was soooo refreshing to get a little time away and spend it with Diane and Catherine who I don't get to see near as much as I would like. #1 photot is MR performing. #2 is Catherine and I with Camille Fronk Olsen - she is a frequent speaker on BYU TV. Photo #3 is Dean Hughes signing my book. He is the Author of the Children of the Promise series, for you all you LDS readers. #4 is Catherine, Diane and I with Mercy River. Last is all of us with Whitney. She really hooked us up. We lunch and sat with the presenters. Loved every minute of it! The best part was the the 6+ hours in the car of chit chat with my buddies without one "can you turn it up?" or "Mommy, she touched me!".


Danielle said…
sounds like a blast! although I could not imagine sitting in a car for 6 plus hours right now ;)
Summer Adams said…
So glad you went and did that. I went last year in Houston with my bf's in Austin. I think there were 12 or 14 of us and we went to the spa, shopped, and ate dinner the first day. Then we attended TO the next day and it was perfect. I need to do that more often.
Amanda said…
Sounds like you had a great time:) I love Catherine's haircut on her!

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