All About Us
What are your middle names?
His: J. not a name -just an initial (strange, but true)
Mine: Lea (depending on my mood I use my maiden name which is Stevens)
How long have you been together? married 18 years in June
Who asked who out? Are you kidding me? He was just short of being a stalker! He showed up on my doorstep when I was at BYU on the very night he got home from his mission. Totally freaked me out.
How old are each of you? I'm 38 and he's 40. My son told me we are middle aged.
What are your astrological signs? He's a Leo. I'm a libra.
Who’s siblings do you see the most? mine, although I don't see them as much as I would like to. (long story)
Do you have any children together? 5
What bill is hardest on you as a couple? piano tuition, just 'cuz our kids don't appreciate it and we have 3 - soon to be 4-who take piano so it is kind of a hefty amount to pay for someone who doesn't appreciate it. someday they will thank me, i know.
Did you go to the same school? no
Are you two from the same hometown? I feel like we grew up in different worlds sometimes. He grew up in Huntsville UT. I grew up here in Dallas.
Who is the smartest? common sense: him. book learnin': me.
Who is the most sensitive? him.
Where do you eat out at most as a couple? it's shameful how much we eat out. we frequent so many places i can't keep track. Ernestos is a big portion of our monthly budget, however because it is closest.
Where do you shop the most as a couple? Supertarget..hands down. He calls it my mother ship.
Where is the furthest you have traveled as a couple? Utah. Brent travels all the time for work. I don't really like to sleep anywhere but my own bed so we haven't done alot of traveling.
Who has the best group of friends? we are both lucky to have great friends.
Who has the worst temper? me. especially certain times of the month....
Who does most of the cooking? Me. He grills occasionally.
Who is more social? Without a doubt..ME! Brent is not anti-social but he doesn't NEED friends.
Who is the neat-freak? ME! Ask anyone who has been to my house. I am weird about it,
Who is the most affectionate? I would say he is more "romantic" but I am constantly "lovin" on the kids.
Who is the most stubborn? Him. I think he would admit to that too.
Who hogs the bed? i dunno. not really an issue.
Where was your first date? I honestly can't remember..He is the romantic one, he would probably remember. I know one of our first dates was to a Van Halen concert. (LOL)
Who said I Love You first? him
Who has the bigger family? he does (6 siblings) I am technically an only child, although I have a half brother and a half sister.
Do you give/get flowers often? actually, yes. Sometimes I pick fights just so I will get them. JK. Like I said, he is romantic.
How do you spend the holidays? Usually with my family. Either my dad's side or my mom's.
Do you have little pet names for each other? I call him "beej" (his initials are BJ) Sometimes he calls me "SLA" ( my intials)


The A Team said…
that was fun. i have a "long story" with my siblings too...
AnoelleB said…
Your page looks great - did you finally get it figured out?
Amanda said…
okay- so I learned some new stuff about U! I am totally like you in the travel aspect. I do not like to travel I much prefer to be at home in MY bed:)
Jody said…
Is it sad that I can remember when he was on his mission??
Brent said…
She stalked me first!

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