Tanner- our oldest boy

Tanner is 12. He is such a great kid. Brent and I sometimes marvel at how in the world we are parents to such an amazingly good person. He wants to do the right thing. He has a great deal of charisma. Other kids are always drawn to him. I remember taking him to McDonald's play area when he was 5 and he would make a friend within the first 5 minutes of being there. Two weeks after we moved here to our new town, he was elected Student Body president at his school. I love hanging out with Tanner. We like the same music. He would rather listen to my ipod than his because he likes my music so much. We also have a ritual of watching American Idol together. If I am gone on the night that it is on, he tapes it and waits to watch it when I get home. It is so sweet. WE also like to shop for clothes together. He has a definite opinion on clothes and style. At the risk of making him sound like he is perfect - he is not. He is forgetful at times, never seems to get his dirty clothes in the hamper, and sometimes when I am talking to him I feel like he is in another world. Regardless - he is alotta fun. He keeps things exciting at our house.


Summer Adams said…
it feels like we've been gone from dallas forever when i see how grown-up your kids are. he is such a teenager, i can't believe it!
wow...I can't believe how grown up Tanner has gotten!
Molly said…
I will always picture tanner as that little guy making me play super heroes with him. I loved baby sitting your kiddos!

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