We took Jensen's friend, Caitlin, to see HSM3 on Saturday - she hadn't seen it yet -and we LOVED it and wanted to see it again. Then we suprised McKinley with a suggestion after the movie, "since you are turning 8 tomorrow do you want to go get your ears pierced?"

If you have a little girl wanting to get her ears pierced I recommend Libby Lu - they make a much bigger deal about it and are so good with the girls AND they were ALOT cheaper than Claire's (where we got Jensen's pierced last year).

She was so nervous!

And a shout out to my bud Tanner who was a trooper sitting in the front of Libby Lu (for all to see) watching our purses and bags during the big event. That had to be sheer torture for a 12 year old boy but he was a great sport, as always.


Chesney said…
What a fun day. Good to know about Libby Lu. I am glad that you guys are okay through the rain.
Did she cry or was she a tough girl! I want to go see HSM3! I haven' gotten the chance yet!
Amanda said…
It looks like she was brave:) I see no tears:) How fun! Tanner looks so cute and cool sitting there "guarding" the purses!
Lisa said…
Looks like fun!
shahna said…
She didn't cry...just screamed...a lil bit.

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