We had a nice Thanksgiving at my Aunt and Uncle's house. Here are some pics.

This is my Aunt, Sharon. She is one of my best friends and favorite people walking the planet!
Everyone chipped in to help. Reagan sets one of three tables. We had ALOT of people there.

My Uncle, Greg. Gettin in the mood for the holidays with some reindeer ears.
This is my little sister, Lindsey. Everyone says Reagan looks (and acts) just like her.

I brought a Tomato/Mozzarella Salad. It is my new fave.

and a Granola Chocolate-Chip Pie. It sounds weird but it's divine!

"Chief" Brady made sure the Native American population was represented at our Thanksgiving festivities. He made this at pre-school for their party and insisted on wearing it again.
"Gigi" ( my grandmother) with the girls. They played dominoes while we waited for the feast to begin. Check her out in her black leather coat. She is the coolest and I just love her so much. Every year I wonder if this might be my last holiday with my grandparents. I hope I can still play dominoes when I am 83.

I don't know how I ended up without any pics of Tanner. He and Brent went out to toss the football and somehow Tanner ended up in the pool. He had to take his pants off and wear a blanket around him while his pants dried. I should have taken a picture but I must have been busy somewhere else.


awww, love Brady! I miss when my kids were little and wore their preschool goods (we usually had an indian or two and at least one pilgrim!) to dinner! He's a doll! Glad we'll still b eint he same ward so that Brady can keep Tyleropfar on his toes during the sacrament!
Danielle said…
wow Brady looks like a big boy! he seriously grew up in such a short amount of time.
Juli said…
Looks like a lot of good times. Your sister is just as cute as you!
Amanda said…
Okay--you need to post those recipes they both look VERY yummy! And the girls look beautiful as usual! Reagan does look like your sister:) But I think you and your sis. look a lot alike too. Love Brady's outfit!
Erin said…
Brady is such a cute kid. Today in Sacrament meeting he turned his head to look back at someone and smiled the biggest, cutest, smile I've seen in days. Of course, I found a smile on my own face. It's contagious! Glad you had a good Thanksgiving.
Brooke said…
I agree with the above comment. . . I am waiting for recipes!!
Mandie said…
Aww, the girls are so pretty!

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