not-so-fun-family home evening

Imagine how ecstatic our 5 offspring were when we picked them up from school on Monday and then announced that we were going to get flu shots for family home evening. This is a yearly tradition. We have a"Staph-prone" child so it is a REALLY good idea for her that we try to maintain a flu-free home.
After the shots we went to visit my grandparents. They just recently moved out of their home of over twenty years and moved into a "retirement community". It has been a tough adjustment, needless to say. My grandfater has stage 4 cancer and my grandmother has Alzheimers. It was time.

Then we went to get ice cream at the place Brent refers to as the "$10 ice cream store". Its not far from the truth. A scoop of ice cream with a mix in is almost $10. I rationalized it to him by saying that it was the least we could do for them considering what the initial activity was.....


Amanda said…
HA! We got flu shots all around over here too:o Although it was not a FHE activity. I don't think P would want to do FHE anymore if we had done that:) I love Coldstone but I only go like once a year if that. P does not like food enough to pay $5-10 for a scoop for him! Now if they had a drive through I might be in trouble! Can you tell I am desperate to talk to an adult...look how long my comment is about flu shots and ice cream!
Amanda said…
I love your new blog paper:)
my kids love Cold Stone!!

That was a totally cruel joke to play on them for FHE...ouch!
Bethanne said…
Expensive ice cream after flu shots? Sounds like a fair deal to me!

Glad you got to see your grandparents...we have had a lot of medical issues with our grandparents and parents - like Alzheimer's, dimensia (sp), cancer, etc. - and so we understand and empathize with everything you have to deal with (and they have to deal with). Getting old stinks. :)
Becca and Randy said…
That FHE would be something I would do. What a great idea!! My kids hate shots, but to follow with Cold Stone!!

I'm sorry to hear about your father. Give yourself a great big hug from me. I'm glad you were able to go see them though.

I too love your new paper:)

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