In Honor of Thanksgiving...

I am going to try to to list a few things each week in November of things I am truly grateful for. Here is my starter list. Now realize that these are ASIDE from the obvious ones like Gospel, family. hubby, etc..
1. I am grateful for my health. Watching my grandfather in the final stages of his battle with Liver Cancer and seeing how hard every day is for him has made me realize what a precious thing it is to have your health and to be able to do the things you love because you feel good.

2. Good Friends (Old and New) When we moved here a little over a year ago, we did it for the benefit of our youth age kids. Brent and I left an IDEAL situation for us where we had a TON of life-long, thick and thin friends that we did stuff with all the time and that were like family. We were totally willing to do it so that our kids could have more opportunities to make friends with other youth their age because there were hardly any in our old ward. I came here with the mind set that I didn't really care if I made alot of new friends because I had been blessed with that before and now it was their turn. I have been blown away by how many of you have been so great to us! My Patriarchal blessing has a whole paragraph in it that talks about how I will be blessed with great friends throughout my life. I think Heavenly Father did that for me to compensate for the lack I had of support from family. Some of the people that have influenced my life have been like mothers, fathers, brothersand sisters to . I am so grateful for their example and love and support. I get to see some of them this weekend!!!
3. BYU TV. I love watching/listening to old conference talks while I clean the house.
4. Living in a land of FREEDOM. I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to vote, even if the candidate I choose isn't the is a beautiful thing that we get to CHOOSE our leaders.


Danielle said…
it's so refeshing to hear such positive things. even though it's one of the obvious things I am so grateful for my family. I have been thinking a lot about this lately as I watch my children grow...I once had a dr. that wanted to give me a hysterectomy at age 17!!! if I had gone through with it and not had faith I would have missed out on all the things my children do to make me smile and the anticipation of meeting my future children is so exciting. for this I am grateful!!! can't wait to read more about what you are grateful for!!
Amanda said…
Great idea:) I enjoyed reading your list:) I am grateful I even have 2 minutes to be on this computer:) LOL!

Great idea of how to use BYU tv:)
Chella said…
What a great idea to list what your are grateful for during the month. I might have to try it out myself. I'm impressed that you listen to conference talks while you clean. I need some good upbeat music!

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