My new and improved "office" aka I love IKEA!!!

I used to have a little corner in our bedroom for my desk but got a wild idea to move it upstairs to an area off the game room. Now I have more space and the added bonus of being able to see the tv in the media room while I pay bills, scrap, e-mail, blog, etc...What do you think? The big pink boxes hold all of my scrapbooking supplies. Zeus thinks the green rug on the floor was purchased just for him to lie on when I am up there working. It needs paint but I haven't decided yet what color. Any suggestions?


Karen said…
Looks darling! I, too have recently been on an Ikea spree. I bought the medium sized Expedit unit, a bunch of baskets and some artwork for Will's room. I also bought the lamp you have the pink shade on - I got a brown one for Will!

We're twins!
ikea rocks! I got a big pink bookshelf for my craft room with a matching computer desk and the big black square shelves (might be expidet, can't remember) for the game room. The games and legos fit perfectly on it...yay! Love your space!
Amanda said…
LOVE IT! *someday* I am going to make me an office space in our guest room.....Steve's office is beyond nasty! I want my own! Maybe bills wouldn't be so depressing IF I was paying them in a cute organized space of my own!
Chrystalee said…
I have tons of paint ideas and am an able body to help with the painting!!! How fun for you to have a NEW space!!!!
shahna said…
Chrystalee you are the sweetest thing! I would love to spend a few hours painting with you. You are such a fun person to hang with and I miss our exercising together.
Natalie said…
Fantastic!! It is great! Enjoy your new space. :)

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